News and Announcements

Dr. Jena Elected to the Academy of Science of the European Union
Dr. Jin - $1.54 million NIH grant to Wayne State to identify ways to improve cardiac function in heart failure
Heart of the matter: Ph.D. candidate takes cardiovascular research personally
Jeffrey Ram co-edits handbook on the biology of aging
Department of Physiology reaches historically high ranking for NIH funding
Anthony Anzell-Man swims across Torch Lake to raise awareness for HHT
Adrian Vasquez: ‘Cook Book’ water mite encyclopedia author donates $10,000 to boost Ph.D. graduate’s research project
NIH awards Dr. O’Leary another R01 grant for heart failure-exercise study
Delhi University names Bhanu Jena lifetime honorary professor
Dr. Rossi is mentoring Detroit Lions running back Zack Zenner
Exercise on the Fly-PhUN day at Troy School
Dr. Ram's new exhibit at the National Museum of the Great Lakes opens Friday, February 24, 2017
Dr. Badr appointed Chair of Internal Medicine
Jena Lab produces 'world's tiniest and most sensitive thermometer' for early disease detection
McClure Pickles in Metro Time
Dr. O'Leary-Metaboreflex-induced Functional Coronary Vasoconstriction
PhD alumnus, Dr. Tarbichi-New study challenges current definition of sleep apnea
Dr. Zhang - American Tinnitus Association Announces New Diagnostic Tool to Identify Tinnitus in Animals
Dr. Badr - Lack of Sleep is costing the U.S. billions
Emergency Medicine’s Dr. Phillip Levy tapped to help lead new hospital cardiovascular accreditation collaboration
RPS alumnus and student in the news
Physiology Faculty win awards for teaching and research
WSU appoints School of Medicine's Dr. Jian-Ping Jin to Academy of Scholars
Harvard invites Dr. Bhanu Jena for porosome discovery lecture
Dr. Ram-National Science Foundation awards $1.2 million grant to influence Detroit Public School students’ interest in STEM