School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

PhD with RPS Concentrations

Ph.D. Applicant
Advisor: Nardhy Gomez-Lopez, Ph.D. & Kevin Theis, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest

Maternal-Fetal Medicine and High risk pregnancies

Ph.D. Candidate

C.S. Mott Center
275 E. Hancock

Advisor: Jennifer Condon, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest

Potential tocolytic effects of preconditioning the myometrial endoplasmic reticulum stress response

Ph.D Candidate

C.S. Mott Center for Human Growth & Development

Advisor: Sascha Drewlo, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest

Placental Development, Trophoblast physiology, Preterm Birth, Placental pathologies.

Ph.D. Applicant

CS Mott Center for Human Growth & Development

Advisor: Rotating-Douglas Ruden, Ph.D.