Muscle Contractility and Cell Motility Research Forum

"We have launched a regional Muscle Research Consortium to have regular research forums for exchanging ideas and promoting collaborations. With the participants from WSU, The Ohio State Univ, U of Mich, Case Western Reserve Univ, U of Cincinnati, U of Kentucky and U of Missouri, we have organized 11 established research labs representing a strong sector of muscle research with complementary strengths and great potentials of new research and development. Based on the highly active and productive discussions at the April 8 forum, we look forward to a rapid development of the Consortium in order to move our field forward."

2018 Attendees (in alphabetical order):  Brandon Biesiadecki, Ph.D. (The Ohio State University); Ken Campbell, Ph.D. (University of Kentucky), Tianxin Cao (Wayne State University); Charels Chung, Ph.D. (Wayne State University); Jon Davis, Ph.D. (The Ohio State University); Nick Diloreto (Wayne State University); Han-Zhong Feng, Ph.D. (Wayne State University); Paul Janssen, Ph.D. (The Ohio State University); Jian-Ping Jin, M.D., Ph.D. (Wayne State University); Kerry MacDonald, Ph.D. (University of Missouri); Ken Oki, Ph.D. (Wayne State University); Olesya Plazyo, Ph.D. (Wayne State University); Sakthi Sadayappan, Ph.D. (University of Chicago); Takeshi Sakamoto, Ph.D. (Wayne State University); Urvashi Thongam (Wayne State University); Julian Stelzer, Ph.D. (Case Western Reserve University); Margaret Westfall, Ph.D. (University of Michigan); Robert Wessells, Ph.D. (Wayne State University); Alyson Wessells (Wayne State University); Sienna Wong (Wayne State University)