Stephen Krawetz, Ph.D.

Stephen Krawetz, Ph.D.

Stephen Krawetz, Ph.D.

Office Address

C.S. Mott Center
275 E. Hancock

Position Title

Charlotte B. Failing Professor of Fetal Therapy & Diagnosis Department of Ob/Gyn

Joint Appointments

Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics

Narrative Bio

Dr. Krawetz will consider new MS and PhD students for the 2020-21 academic year.

Laboratory Web Site


The primary objective of my laboratory is to achieve a Systems Biology level understanding of the genetic mechanism(s) that controls the selection of genes for development and differentiation. These studies extend from nuclear structure-histone modification to the role of non-coding RNAs including the delivery of spermatozoon RNAs at fertilization as modulators of gene expression that impact the fetal onset of adult disease.


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