Douglas Yingst, Ph.D.

Douglas Yingst, Ph.D.


313-577-5494 (fax)

Douglas Yingst, Ph.D.

Office Address

5253 Scott Hall

Position Title

Associate Professor Emeritus

Areas of Interest

Cellular and molecular physiology; regulation of membrane transport

Narrative Bio

Physiological concentrations of angiotensin II (Ang II) (10-12 to 10-9) stimulate sodium reabsorption in the proximal tubule, which in turn affects blood pressure, and contributes to the development of hypertension. Our recent work shows that Ang II rapidly (≤ 2 min), directly, and robustly stimulates the activity of Na,K-ATPase, the active transport mechanism that ultimately drives sodium reabsorption. Under these conditions Ang II also alters the phosphorylation and conformation of Na,K-ATPase. To test the role of phosphorylation in regulating pump activity we have co-expressed the rat α-subunit in opossum kidney cells, a proximal tubule cell line, along with AT1A receptor. In these cells Ang II stimulates the activity of the rat sodium proximal tubule. By doing site-directed mutagenesis we plan to test which sites of phosphorylation are responsible for the observed stimulation.

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 A list of Dr. Yingst's publications can be found at PubMed-Yingst

Post Graduate Training

  • 1976-78 NIH Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale University, Department of Physiology
  • 1978-79 Postdoctoral Associate Yale University, Department of Physiology

Category Information

  •  Cellular processes that control sodium reabsorption in the kidneys

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