Nicholas Adzibolosu

Nicholas Adzibolosu

Nicholas Adzibolosu

Position Title

 Ph.D. Candidate & Co-Graduate Student Representative

Areas of Interest

 Reproductive Science

Narrative Bio

I was a general medical practitioner for about three years prior to my current enrolment onto the MSc

Medical Sciences program at the Newcastle University in the UK in September 2019. Even though I have
long been desirous of pursuing a career in the basic medical sciences (as I strongly believe that these
form the bedrock upon which the future of medicine will be built), my three-year clinical experience has
made my passion to pursue research and teaching in these sciences resolute. I encountered scores of
pregnant women with various complications of pregnancy; the devastating ones being those who
presented with severe pre-eclampsia or eclampsia. I still remember quite well the case of one woman
who had developed a concealed placental abruption as a sequela of severe pre-eclampsia, leading to
intrauterine fetal demise and subsequently disseminated intravascular coagulopathy. These experiences
and memories motivate me constantly to strive to understand the mechanisms underlying the adverse
cardiovascular events in pregnancy to enable me help improve on the existing treatment protocols and
preferably introduce better preventive tools.


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2020 Newcastle University - MS in Medical Science

2016 Kwame Nkruham University - MBBS

2013 Kwane Nkrumah University - B.Sc.


Drs. Mor and Draghici

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