Sumit Monu, Ph.D.

Sumit Monu, Ph.D.


Sumit Monu, Ph.D.

Office Address

 7086 E&R Building
Grand RIver 

Position Title

 Research Scientist II/Assistant Professor (FTA)


 I am trained in the field of physiology and phamiacology with extensive knowledge and experience in cardiovascular, metabolic and renal research. My experience with heart and kidney research began during my Ph.D. studies while working on to understand the role ofHeme-oxygenase antioxidant system in the amelioration of myocardial infarction, cardio-renal syndrome and obesity. I joined the Hypertension and Vascular Research Division at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit for my postdoctoral studies in Dr.Oscar Carretero's laboratory. Continuing my interest in renal physiology I studied alterations in single nephron renal hemodynamics in animal models of obesity/pre-diabetes and unilateral nephrectomy. I also learnt the technique considered as the state of the art to measure tubuloglomerular feedback response at the single nephron level that took almost 1.5 years of intensive training. In-vivo renal micropuncture technique is the gold standard and the only technique to understand the single nephron renal hemodynamics in-vivo and only 3-5 labs in the whole world are able to perform this technique. After gaining expertise in this technique I decided to study the role of tubuloglomerular feedback mechanism and a relatively newly discovered feedback mechanism known as connecting tubule glomerular feedback. At this point in time, I am seeking to apply my training in renal hemodynamics and my technical expertise in in-vivo renal micropuncture to understand the alteration in renal hemodynamics that occurs in various renal diseases especially obesity and diabetes related kidney damage. Currently, I am trying to understand the role of chronic renal hyperinsulinemia on connecting tubule glomerular feedback mechanism and how this affects the whole kidney hcmodynamics and renal damage.


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  • Council on Hypertension award. Onsite poster competition winner (Prize-400$), American Heart Association.
  • Award for best abstract selected for oral presentation (Prize-$300) at Annual Henry Ford Research Health Symposium (First Prize), Detroit, Michigan. USA, Henry Ford Hospital
  • Council on Hypertension New Investigator Award. American Heart Association, Orlando, Florida. USA, American Heart Association
  • Best Poster Award, Annual Henry Ford Research Health Symposium (First Prize), Detroit, Michigan. USA, Henry Ford Hospital
  • Kidney Council New Investigator award, American Heart Association
  • Best Poster Award, Annual Henry Ford Research Health Symposium (First Prize), Detroit, Michigan
  • Graduate Research Assistantship, University of Toledo
  • Junior Research Fellowship, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal
  • Sciences University, Chennai, India


2013 Ph.D., University of Toledo

2008  B.V.Sc. & A.H. (D.V.M. equivalent), Tanuvas 


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