Cristina Espinosa-Diez, Ph.D.

Cristina Espinosa-Diez, Ph.D.

Cristina Espinosa-Diez, Ph.D.

Office Address

 3240 Scott Hall

Position Title

 Assistant Professor

Joint Appointments

 Molecular Medicine and Genetics

Areas of Interest

Molecular Biology, Epigenetics, vascular biology, non-coding-RNAs

Narrative Bio

 Dr. Espinosa-Diez will consider MS students for the 2024-25 academic year

Laboratory Web Site

 Espinosa-Diez Lab


We are a non-coding-RNA lab interested in understanding how cancer therapies shape the epigenetic landscape of vascular cells, potentially giving rise to long-term vascular complications. The lab's main goals are :

  1. To explore the response of long-non-coding RNAs to different anti-cancer agents.
  2. To investigate these long-non-coding RNAs' role in vascular remodeling during disease progression.


Full list of publications:

Post Graduate Training

Postdoctoral researcher, Oregon Health and Science University, 2015
Postdoctoral fellow, University of Pittsburgh, 2019 


 University Complutense, Madrid, Spain PhD, 2015

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