School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Program Requirements

The Master’s degree is offered under Plan A only which is defined as a minimum of 30 credits, eight of which must be comleted with origiinal thesis research

Required (Core) Coursework:
  PSL 7010 Basic Integrative Physiology Lecture I
PSL 7030 Basic Integrative Physiology Lecture II
PSL 6300 Biotechnology: Techniques and Applications
  PSL 7890 Physiology Seminar (1 credit/semester; F & W) (Attendance is mandatory for all graduate students!)

Advanced Courses:
  2 Advanced level physiology courses for a minimum of 4 credits.

Minor Courses:
   4 credits of multidisciplinary courses other than Physiology

Minimum didactic credits required: 22

Thesis/Dissertation Research & Direction: 8 credits PSL 8999.

Current Matriculation Guide