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Jeffrey L. Ram, Ph.D.
6112 Scott Hall
Cell Physiology; GI Physiology; Neurophysiology; Reproductive Biology
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Dr. Jeffrey L. Ram has diverse research interests relating to cardiovascular biology, reproductive biology, and environmental micro-biology. In the cardiovascular arena, his laboratory investigates modulation of mammalian blood vessel contractility in response to hormones, cytokines, hyperglycemia, neuro-transmitters, clinically used drugs, and vector-mediated expression of novel ion channel subunits, using patch clamp methodology to characterize ionic currents and molecular methods to study expression of cellular mediators, including nitric oxide synthetic enzymes, phospholipase A2, and ion channels.
His invertebrate research, which has been recognized internationally by several international research grants and many invitations to speak at international congresses, concerns signaling molecules and cellular responses that mediate spawning behavior. Current projects include the role of serotonin in eliciting spawning and cell cycle progression in bivalves, peptide hormones that trigger egg-laying and electrophysiological responses in the nervous systems of snails, and the pheromones (including a derivative of glutathione also found in mammalian circulation) used for male-female communication in worms.


 A list of Dr. Ram's publications can be found at PubMed-Ram

Post Graduate Training
  • 1973-77 NIH Post doctoral fellow in neurobiology and endocrinology, University of California, Santa Cruz.