Fall Courses

Course Description
PSL 5010 Individual Research Direct participation in laboratory research in the physiological sciences under the supervision of a departmental faculty advisor. Introduction to experimental protocol and current related scientific literature. Offered Every Term. Restriction(s): Enrollment limited to undergraduate students with a classifcation of Junior, or Senior level.
TBD - Coordinator
PSL 5680 (BIO 5680) Basic Endocrinology Designed to give students a basic description of the human endocrine system, then endocrine control of several physiologic processes (growth, development, metabolism, and reproduction), and a description of common endocrine disorders. Prereq: PSL 3220, BIO 4120, or equivalent are required to register OR it can be taken with PSL 7010. Offered every fall semester, 3 credits
Dr. Bhanu Jena - Coordinator
PSL 6010 (PT 6310) Advanced Exercise Physiology Covers metabolic, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, and respiratory adjustments to acute and chronic exercise in health and disease, including body composition and weight control, nutritional considerations, and the effects of different environments on exercise performance. Prereq: KIN 5570 Physiology of Exercise I or consent of the instructor. Offered fall semester, 3 credits
Dr. Moh Malek - Coordinator
PSL 6300 Biotechnology: Techniques & Applications Various biotechnical methodologies currently used in research and industry; application of these methodologies in scientific inquiries. Offered Fall
Dr. Jeff Ram - Coordinator
PSL 7010/7011 Basic
Graduate Physiology
First of two courses designed to give an introduction to basic human physiology. Prereq: background in organic chemistry, introductory biology, physics AND enrollment in a graduate program. Offered every fall semester, 4 credits (PSL 7011 Basic Graduate Physiology I - a restricted section open only to physiology graduate students and IBS majors.)
Dr. Donald DeGracia- Coordinator
PSL 7015 (BMB 7015) Introduction to Metabolism

An introduction to intermediary metabolism of carbohydrate, lipids, amino acids and proteins. Focuses on the metabolic pathways involved in the synthesis and degradation of metabolites. Offered Fall. Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students. 
2 credits
Dr. David Evans - Coordinator

PSL 7020
Basic Graduate Physiology Lab


Introduction to laboratory exercises and techniques in measuring cell and membrane function; neuronal activity; electrophysiology; and hormonal actions. Prereq: organic chemistry; introductory biology; physics; and enrollment in the physiology graduate program; or consent of the coordinator. Offered every fall semester, 2 credits
Dr. Robert Wessells - Coordinator
PSL 7060 Current Literature Students are required to present published papers at least once each semester, and must attend all class meetings. Offered Fall, Winter. Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students.
Dr. Robert Wessells - Coordinator
PSL 7220 (MGG 7020) Metabolism and Disease This course will review normal metabolic pathways and their regulation and then discuss in depth aberrant metabolism as it contributes to or causes diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and neurodegeneration. Didactic lectures will be complemented with student-based presentations of classic and current primary literature studies. Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students.
2 credits
Dr. James Granneman - Coordinator
PSL 7550 Advanced Renal Physiology A detailed study of the physiological mechanisms promoting homeostasis of the body fluid volumes and ionic composition in the mammal. Prereq: PSL 7030 (PSL 7031) or equivalent. Offered fall semester of odd years, 2 credits
Dr. Noreen Rossi - Coordinator
PSL 7600 Advanced Cardiovascular Physiology An interdisciplinary course that focuses on current research topics in cardiovascular science. Prereq: PSL 7030, PSL 7031 or equivalent; enrollment is limited to 10. Offered every fall semester, 2 credits
Dr. Donal O'Leary - Coordinator
PSL 7660 Advanced Neurophysiology Current topics in cognitive neurosciences ranging from cellular and molecular aspects to systems, network dynamics, and cognitivefunctions as well as neurological diseases.. Prereq: PSL 7010/7011. Offered fall semester of even years, 3 credits
Dr. Donald DeGracia- Coordinator
PSL 7685 Reproductive Physiology Seminar

This course covers principles and translational components of reproduction and associated disease states including endocrinology, infertility, contraception, recurrent pregnancy loss, menopause, and reproductive immunology. This weekly seminar series exposes students to the work of their departmental peers and faculty as well as external speakers who are invited monthly. This seminar series aims to broaden the knowledge and expertise of the participating students in the field of reproductive biology, as well as strengthening networking opportunities with the external speakers through post-seminar roundtable discussion.Offered fall semester, 1 credit
Dr. Gil Mor- Coordinator

PSL 7690 Principles of Reproductive Biology Covers principles and techniques in reproduction including: endocrinology; gametogenesis; fertilization; implantation; embryogenesis; stem cell determination; pregnancy; and parturition. Some knowledge of biology, genetics, embryology, and molecular biology recommended.
Offered fall annually, 3 credits
Dr. Jeysuria Pancharatnam- Coordinator
PSL 7700  Embryonic Stem Cell Biology

This course is designed to acquaint graduate students with the diverse disciplines involved in human embryonic stem cell research, biology, and therapeutic potential.  Previous coursework in both biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology is suggested.
Dr. Zhengqing Hu - Coordinator

PSL 7730 (MTX 7730) Reprod. Sciences: Teratology Principles of the science of birth defects, focusing on impact of environmental poisons, medicines, and drugs of abuse on developing germ cells, embryos and fetuses. The roles of pharmacological/toxicological, physiological (maternal, placental, and fetal), genetic, and nutritional factors in the teratogenic response are examined. Course includes texts and current readings. Prereq: plan of study; consent of coordinator. Offered biannually, 3 credit
Dr. Michael Petriello - Coordinator
PSL 7880 Special Problems Topics individually arranged with faculty. Prereq: plan of Study and consent of coordinator. 1-8 credits (max. 8)
 Dr. Robert Wessells - Coordinator
PSL 7890 Physiology Seminar Topics individually arranged with faculty. Prereq: enrollment in a graduate program. Offered every fall, 1 credit (max. 6)
Dr. Charles Chung - Coordinator
PSL 7910 (MBG 7910)
Molecular Male Reproduction & Chromatin Systems Biology
Students review/write topic-specific essays. Prereq: permission of instructor. Offered every fall semester, 1 credit
TBD - Coordinator
PSL 7996 Arranged Research Graduate level experience in research techniques. Special research topics in specified areas arranged with faculty individual faculty member. Prereq: plan of study; consent of coordinator. Offered every semester, 1-15 credits (max. 15)
Dr. Robert Wessells - Coordinator

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