Two NIH grants awarded to Dr. Caceres’ lab to study mechanisms of kidney disease

Please join the Department in congratulating Dr. Paulo Caceres, Ph. D. , a Physiology Department faculty and 2014 PhD alumnus (mentor: Dr. Pablo Ortiz) with a joint appointment at Henry Ford Health’s Hypertension and Vascular Research Division, for his two new NIH grant awards!

A five-year award from NIGMS (R35GM150570) entitled “Mechanisms of polarized protein sorting in AP-1B-deficient epithelia” will study the process of epithelial polarization in kidney proximal tubule and other epithelia.

The second award, a three-year grant from NIDDK (R21DK136122) entitled “Role of Kidney Microvasculature-Secreted Factors in Neuropilin Signaling in Proximal Tubule During Diabetic Kidney Disease” will focus on mechanisms of cell-cell communication taking place in the kidney and affected during diabetes.

Staring in August 2023, both grants have a combined value of $2.5 million. They will advance Dr. Caceres’ research program in epithelial and kidney physiopathology, while creating training opportunities in the Physiology Department.

If you wish to discuss these projects or join them, please contact Dr. Caceres personally via his email:

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