Ph.D. Degree Requirements

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Written Qualifying Examination: Students are encouraged to take the written qualifying examination immediately after completing the core course lecture sequence (PSL 7011 and PSL 7031). All Ph.D. students are required to pass this examination. Each student will have two chances to pass the examination. If the student does not pass on the second attempt, he/she will be ineligible to obtain a Ph.D. from the physiology department. If they wish to continue in the physiology program, their status will be changed to a terminal masters degree.
Oral Qualifying Examination: This examination shall be a presentation of the proposal for the dissertation research and it to be ministered by the student's Doctoral Dissertation Committee. Students are encouraged to complete the presentation as soon as possible in order to assure good communication with their Dissertation Committee.

A student will achieve doctoral candidate upon the successful completion of the written & oral qualifying examinations, completion of approximately 50 credits of coursework, and an approved Plan of Work on file at the Graduate School. Doctoral. Students must register for four consecutive semesters of Doctoral Candidacy Status (PSL 9991-9994). During any subsequent semester in which a student is conducting research, they must be registered for PSL 9995 (Candidacy Maintenance).

Students must complete individual research leading to a doctoral dissertation. This work will culminate in a public defense to the academic community. At this session, the candidate is to present his/her doctoral research for final approval by the Doctoral Dissertation Committee.