Winter Courses

Corse Description
PSL 5010 Individual Research Direct participation in laboratory research in the physiological sciences under the supervision of a departmental faculty advisor. Introduction to experimental protocol and current related scientific literature. Offered Every Term. Restriction(s): Enrollment limited to undergraduate students with a classifcation of Junior, or Senior level.
TBD - Coordinator
PSL 6310 Biotechnology: Techniques & Applications Lab Students choose one of the biotechnology techniques discussed in PSL 6300 and spend the semester in an active research laboratory learning the practice of the technique through hands-on experience. Offered Winter. Prerequisites: PSL 6300 with a minimum grade of C Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students.
Dr. Jeff Ram - Coordinator
PSL 7030/7031  Basic Graduate Physiology Lecture II Second of two courses designed to give an introduction to basic human physiology. Prereq: organic chemistry; introductory biology; physics and enrollment in the physiology graduate program; or consent of the coordinator. Offered every winter semester, 4 credits. (PSL 7031 Basic Graduate Physiology II - a restricted section open only to physiology graduate students and IBS majors.)
Dr. Xuequn Chen - Coordinator
PSL 7040 Basic
Graduate Physiology
Lab II
Introduction to laboratory exercises and techniques in experimental physiology of organ systems. Prereq: organic chemistry; introductory biology; physics; enrollment in the physiology graduate program; or consent of the coordinator. Offered every winter semester, 2 credits
Dr. Robert Wessells - Coordinator
PSL 7060 Current Literature Students are required to present published papers at least once each semester, and must attend all class meetings. Offered Fall, Winter. Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students.
Dr. Charles Chung - Coordinator
PSL 7120 (BME 7020) Cardiovascular Systems Modeling

Application of engineering principals and mathematical and computational techniques to cardiovascular systems. Partial differential equations, signal transduction pathway and biotransport modeling, and introduction to systems biology approaches. Offered Winter. Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students. Knowledge of MATLAB is strongly recommended
4 credits
Dr. Mahendra Kavdia - Coordinator

PSL 7180 (NFS 7000) Nutritional Metabolomics and Bioinformatics

Introduction to and application of the ""omics"" technologies to nutrition: genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. Examples and exercises using bioinformatic software for multivariate data analyses. Offered Winter. Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students. Course Material Fees: $90
3 credits
Dr. Smiti Gupta - Coordinator

PSL 7215 NanoBioScience The impact of NanoBioScience in biology & medicine is profound. Hence, novel tools and technologies used in the study of NanoBioScience, and new discoveries and developments made in the field, will be the focus of this course. Offered winter semester, 3 credits
Dr. Bhanu Jena - Coordinator
PSL 7400 Sleep and Breathing in Health and Disease This course is designed to expose students to topics in respiratory control during wakefulness and sleep in healthy individuals and individuals with sleep apnea and/or spinal cord injury. Advanced topics in respiratory physiology; guidance in critical reading and discussion of the literature.. Prereq: PSL 7030 or PSL 7031 with a minimum grade of C; or consent of the coordinator. Offered winter semester of even years, 2 credits
Dr. Jason Mateika - Coordinator
PSL 7420 Organizing & Communicating Hypothesis Testing in Physiology

Understanding the development of physiologically relevant hypotheses, testing hypotheses, and both written and oral presentation ofphysiologic studies/proposals. Students will develop substantial components of a training fellowship proposal., 2 credits
Dr. Charles Chung - Coordinator

PSL 7490 Translational & Integrative Physiology

This course focuses on selected, current topics in physiology with the intention of highlighting and bridging basic physiological principles with clinical diseases, diagnostic approaches, or therapies. The course will provide an in-depth, interactive lecture session discussing physiological principles from laboratory to clinic by paired instructors: a basic scientist and a clinician in the respective field (e.g., cardiac physiology/cardiology). Each instructional item will be addressed from a basic physiological perspective and a clinical perspective while stressing the translational aspects bridging the two. Note that translation interactions are bidirectional with basic principles informing clinical aspects and/or clinical questions/challenges producing ideas for basic research. Prerequisites: PSL 7010/11 and PSL 7030/31 and consent of the instructor
4 credits
Dr. Noreen Rossi - Coordinator

PSL 7640 Cell and Molecular Physiology The goal of the course is to introduce you to different aspects of cell and molecular physiology, help you identify unanswered questions, to introduce methods and to train you in developing experimental approaches to unanswered problems. Prereq: PSL 7010 or IBS 7015 and consent of the instructor. Offered winter semester odd years, 3 credits
Dr. Paulo Caceres Puzzella - Coordinator 
PSL 7680  Endocrinology A detailed emphasis on current research. Student participation encouraged; each student required to present a one hour lecture. Prereq: PSL 7010 (PSL 7011). Offered winter semester, 4 credits
Dr. Zhibing Zhang - Coordinator
PSL 7685 Reproductive Physiology Seminar This course covers principles and translational components of reproduction and associated disease states including endocrinology, infertility, contraception, recurrent pregnancy loss, menopause, and reproductive immunology. This weekly seminar series exposes students to the work of their departmental peers and faculty as well as external speakers who are invited monthly. This seminar series aims to broaden the knowledge and expertise of the participating students in the field of reproductive biology, as well as strengthening networking opportunities with the external speakers through post-seminar roundtable discussion. Offered winter semester, 1 credit
Dr. Gil Mor- Coordinator
PSL 7740 (PSY 7740) Developmental Systems in Reproductive Biology 
Theoretical foundations course in development emphasizing contemporary developmental systems theory and its relevant applications to reproductive biology. Prereq: plan of study; consent of coordinator. Offered winter odd years, 3 credit
TBD - Coordinator
PSL 7770  Perinatal
Biology and
Lectures exposing students to areas of current interest and research in the field of perinatal biology. Topics are presented from both basic science and clinical perspectives. Prereq: plan of study; consent of coordinator. Offered winter annually, 2 credits
TBD- Coordinator
PSL 7775 Current Research Topics in Reproductive Science 

Lectures covering current topics in reproductive biology, health, and medicine. Offered winter annually, 3 credits
Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students.
Dr. Jennifer Condon - Coordinator

PSL 7825 Membrane Physiology Covers the basic concepts of membrane transport in the mammalian secretory pathway with an emphasis on the dysregulation of key transport steps and the defective mutations of key regulators which lead to human diseases (e.g. neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes and coronary heart diseases). Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students
Dr. Xuequn Chen- Coordinator

PSL 7880 Special Topics

Topics individually arranged with faculty. Prereq: plan of Study and consent of coordinator. 1-8 credits (max. 8)
Dr. Robert Wessells- Coordinator
PSL 7890 Physiology Seminar Topics individually arranged with faculty. Prereq: enrollment in a graduate program. Offered every winter, 1 credit (max. 6)
Dr. Charles Chung - Coordinator 
PSL 7996 Arranged Research Graduate level experience in research techniques. Special research topics in specified areas arranged with faculty individual faculty member. Prereq: plan of study; consent of coordinator. Offered every semester, 1-15 credits (max. 15)
Dr. Robert Wessells- Coordinator

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