About Us

The Minority Biomedical Research Support (MBRS) Program was established as National Institute of Health (NIH) Program in 1971 to increase biomedical scientists and health professionals among Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Alaskans and Hawaiian Natives. The Wayne State University MBRS program was instituted in the fall of 1978 and is now known as IMSD (Initiative for Maximizing Student Development) Program. The mission of IMSD Program at Wayne State University is to stimulate and facilitate the progress of a diverse group of students towards academic and/or research careers in biomedical and behavioral sciences.The program has both graduate and undergraduate students.

Since 1978 IMSD/MBRS Program has supported a total of 749 (undergraduate and graduate) students. 373 of the undergraduate students have gone on to complete B.S. or B.A. degrees, 81 students have obtained M.S. degree and 89 have gone on to complete Ph.D. degree.

For additional information please contact:
Program Coordinator:
Dr. Rasheeda Zafar                         
(313)577- 4199