Summer Program

Introduction to Science Careers and Research


Introduction to Science Careers and Research is a Pre-college summer initiative sponsored by the IMSD (Initiative for Maximizing Student Development) Program and is offered at no cost to the student. Ethnic minority students (African American, Native American, Hispanic or Pacific Islander) who will be freshman at Wayne State University in fall 2018 and majoring in biomedical, psychosocial science disciplines are eligible. Transfer students to Wayne State University from community colleges are also encouraged to apply. The program is designed to enhance student skills in basic sciences and advance their progress towards careers in biomedical sciences. Participants in the summer course will receive financial support up to $ 2000.00. This program will be held in the IMSD Resource center located in 317 Shapero Hall, 5501 Gullen Mall. Upon successful completion of the program students become eligible to apply to the year round IMSD Program, and among other benefits conduct research with world class scientists and earn up to $10,000/year. The benefits to past summer course IMSD participants have been:

  • Demonstrated superior academic performance; after a year the average GPA of students in the year round IMSD Program is higher than those students that did not participate in the IMSD Program.
  • IMSD students have higher success in Biomedical Careers

Submissions for this form closes on June 10, 2018.